Hosting Request

We offer subdomains ( and domain hosting for deserving sites.

Your site must be gaming, or php related in some way.

What do we require?
Your site must have a decent layout, regular updates, and great content.

Your site’s layout:
Your site’s layout must look professional, a sites layout is the first impression you get. Navigation is another aspect of this, users must be able to find what they’re looking for otherwise all the content in the world is irrelevant.

Content, what really matters:
Content is the most important of all. If we see a site with a lot of content and not a very good layout, we will probably agree to host you and perhaps help you out with the layout. If you have all the right content, your viewer does not need to go anywhere else for their information.

Your site must be updated frequently- at least 1-2 times a week. Not just the news, but the content as well. Your content should be up-to-date.
What we give:

FTP Space: We have virtually unlimited space for our network of sites.

Emails: You will get free pop3/forwarding email addresses for your site also.

Server/Other Info: Dedicated RaQ 4 Cobalt server running on a Linux 2.2 multitasking operating system using Apache�. With SSI, CGI, perl 5, PHP4, MYSQL Databases, Chili!soft ASP, FP2k Extensions, unlimited bandwidth, publicity through the phpNet site.
Connection through high speed fiber connections with multiple redundant backups
We can also provide friendly support for any CGI or other problems you may encounter

So you ask how do we keep all this free? Well on your page all you have to do is have a “hosted by phpNet” button as well as a banner ad on your pages.

So you’re still with us? Then fill out this form below…